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Vanquish Yachts is the brainchild of Tom Steentjes, a Dutchman with a passion for doing things differently. Every VQ driver's boat has a unique style and an attractive appeal that sets it apart from the rest. A clever hull design provides low fuel consumption, quick acceleration, exceptional comfort, excellent manoeuvrability and a long range.

You'll enjoy a low cost of ownership and a high resale value that compensates for your initial investment. Vanquish Yachts have an outstanding performance and world-class after-sales support for total peace of mind.

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Vanquish Aluminium yachts include models such as VQ45, VQ45 Veloce, VQ50, VQ52, VQ58, VQ80 SF and VQ115 Veloce.


The Composite yachts line includes models such as VQ11 Sports Line, VQ16 Sports Line, VQ40 Sports Line and VQ55 Sports Line.


Among Vanquish Heritage models belong; VQ32, VQ 32 Custom Tender, VQ43, VQ48 Dual Console and VQ50 MK1.

Fast boats with great agility and maximum comfort

Our designers and artisans have honed the custom-building process to an unrivalled level of efficiency. We can guarantee an excellent price-quality ratio as well as an unrivalled range of shifting layouts and features.

Vanquish yachts with great agility and maximum comfort

Not for Everyone

Vanquish yachts innovation from Netherlands


Innovation from Netherlands

The seats, navigation lights, cup holders, cleats, fender storage, swimming ladder, and speakers are all handmade in aluminum. All of them feel very robust and durable, and the lack of plastic on a VQ adds an eco-conscious factor as well.

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