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Numarine’s range of motor yachts in 2022 cater effortlessly for every owner no matter how diverse or unique their requirements.From precious time with your family, entertaining a group of friends or long range cruising, Numarine offer a model for every need that can be customised to suite every taste and requirement.

Ranging from the agile and sporty 70′ models, to the imposing and indulgent 130, or the all new Explorer series, each member of the Numarine family is built with the same meticulous attention to detail and unwavering high standards guaranteed to make every moment on board a memory to cherish.

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22 XP

When a yacht is created to allow you to stay in your favourite port or bay due to a custom-made size,  Indeed, This 22,60 m yacht is a unity of aesthetics, volume and comfort.

26 XP

The 26XP is designed to provide the capabilities of her larger sisters while also providing the ease of being able to dock at some of the world's smallest places.

32 XP

The Numarine 32XP is an amazing mix of size and capabilities, fully outfitted and ready to take you anywhere you wish, with accommodation for 12 guests.

Big Dreams come true with Numarine

The 37 XP was designed and produced in accordance with the principles that have kept the Numarine brand at the forefront of innovation and technology. It blends a refined, yet instantly identifiable look with an ambitiously conceived functionality to give another first-class experience.

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37 XP

under 500 GT

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45 XP

under 500 GT

Explore the world without limits

The 45XP has rewritten the rule book and opened up a whole new world of opportunity for adventurous owners who value the trip as much as the goal, with the finest appointments and conveniences for totally self-sufficient extended time on board.

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