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DL Yachts offers a range of luxurious, custom yachts called Dreamline, that are designed and tailor-made. All motoryachts produced by DL Yachts are unique, they have in common only the technology with extra focus on comfort and safety.

The shipyard provides projects in both VTR and aluminum, allowing customers to pick the material in which they want to build their ideal yacht, and its production skills guarantees that the end result is always the best.

DL Dreamline yachts fleet
DL Dreamline yachts shipyard
DL Dreamline yachts - high quality engineering


DL Yachts have a large fleet including, Dreamline 26, 30, 34, 40, 46 and 49, which allows them to accommodate every desire at sea.


The shipyard provides projects in both VTR and aluminium, allowing owners to pick the material, and its production skills guarantees the best results.


DL Yachts assists owners to the finest solutions for their specific needs by placing its technical experts at their entire disposal.

Build your dream from scratch

The shipyard, located in Ancona, Italy, is a cutting-edge yacht-building facility where highly motivated, experienced staff oversee the whole construction process from drawing board to launch

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DL Dreamline yachts - build your dream from scratch

under 500 GT

DL Dreamline yachts - beautifully crafted aesthetics
49 m

under 500 GT

Beauty from the start

Beautifully crafted aesthetic and practical aspects are entrusted to dedicated specialists who bring their expertise and delight of working for a firm that insists on the highest quality to DL Yachts.

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